“SHIB2” a revolution of SHIBa lnu eco-currency! The journey from 0 to 1 is the journey of the social underclass across the hierarchy!


Petr Mitrechev


Shiba2 Inu (SHIB2) is a token created by the famous Russian programmer Petr Mitrechev in the decentralized community, SHIB2 is an eco-empowerment token for SHIBA INU, it will be the first token to use the economic model of the law of entropy. shib2 has a total of only 500 trillion pieces and uses the law of entropy for deflation! will empower the shib’s ecology!


shib2 uses the Global Entropy Economic Model to anchor the number and economic value of tokens. 250 trillion will be punched into the pool once the project is launched for providing liquidity, and another 250 trillion will be eclipsed by the smart contract for every 10 times the value of shib, which is 1% of the total or 5 trillion!


When the price rises 500 times, all 250 trillion shib2 will be eclipsed, at which point the smart contract’s eclipsing mechanism will continue to operate and the eclipsed tokens will come from the liquid pool until the price rises to 990 times, at which point the total number of shib2 will be 5 trillion, on top of which, for every 10 times increase in price, the final balance of 5 trillion will again be entropically increased and the remaining amount will be reduced to 1 trillion! ! At this point, the entropy-extinction mechanism will stop working!


Coin Smartchain SHIB2 (Pancakeswap) Contract Address:



SHIB2 Vision: A fair and just class crossing opportunity for people at the bottom of society through the process of going from 0 to 1! Entropy increase is irreversible, but life sure can be!

Project Highlights:


1, entropy economic model to ensure that the value and quantity of anchor, and after the eclipse can never be increased!


2, the founder PetrMitrechev is a programmer, its only know technology does not know marketing, there is no risk of evil! PetrMitrechev according to the chain data query also no private coins, he wants to hold coins also have to buy.


3, the amount of positions evenly distributed to avoid burying mines, causing smashing events, to avoid the kind of extreme situation of SHIB!


4, DEX pool helper words have been PetrMitrechev burned, no one can take the pool.


5, According to the entropy increase model, the more coins users sell, the more they eclipse, which causes the coin price to continue to surge, creating two extremes that cause users holding coins not to sell them! The perfect solution to the smashing event.


6, the early users and speculative users will dump the coins into the pool again, when the price rises the coins in the pool will be eclipsed again according to the price, the more coins bought the less the price continues to rise!


7. Founder PetrMitrechev’s original intention was to give people at the bottom of the social ladder a fair and equitable class crossing opportunity through the process of going from 0 to 1!


8, solved the problem of big investors smashing and pool security, the rest of the small holdings of users do not have too much reason to use the tens of dollars in hand to smash the plate, even if smashing, there is no point!


9, from taking the SHIB road, this time, let’s start from 0!