Eva is committed to becoming an advanced, decentralized, religious token leader

In 2008, when the world economic crisis came, a new mechanism-blockchain appeared in the east of Asia. This system was put forward by Satoshi Nakamoto in the book Bitcoin White Paper in 2008, and in the Bitcoin social network established in 2009, he developed the first block called “Creation Block”. Blockchain is an intelligent peer-to-peer network that uses distributed databases to identify, disseminate and record information, also known as Value Internet.

In today’s blockchain world, there is also a Diss chain with different ideas and political views.

On the one hand, the fundamentalists represented by geeks firmly believe that the products and services under blockchain technology must have the characteristics of “anti-government censorship, decentralization and anonymity” and reflect free will.

On the other hand, they are blockchain industry ideologues represented by value application, and they are more convinced that blockchain technology must be combined with various vertical fields to find a landing point, and finally promote the improvement of social organization efficiency before it is valuable. In their view, the pure public chain is just a utopian world built by a few geeks.

In fact, no matter how to argue, it is the most eternal purpose of mankind to make the blockchain more perfect and benefit human society.

The emergence of blockchain subverts the economic system of traditional economy and society for thousands of years, and as a borderless blockchain, it has inherent advantages in the trust system.

When some geeks are still torn by the disunity of ideological and political views, and some geeks use blockchain as a simple payment tool and a way to get rich.

They never thought that there are still about 700 million people living in the extreme poverty line and billions of people living in the poverty line. There is such a group of people who regard love and sharing as the supreme idea-—WEA World Evangelical Alliance, founded in 1846, is one of the three major Christian institutions in the world today.The World Evangelical Alliance includes 128 national Evangelical Alliance from 7 regions around the world and 104 international cooperation organizations. The vision of the alliance is to expand God’s kingdom by bringing all nations back to the Lord and making social changes centered on Christ. The Alliance also provides 560 million Evangelical Christians with identity, common voice and platform, and promotes the union of Christians.

The powerful Roman Empire believed in Christianity, and the Roman Empire accepted Christianity as its national religion. Christianity has developed for more than 2,000 years, forming Protestant Evangelical School and Grace School. However, what remains unchanged is that Christianity has a very important mechanism to encourage sharing, and even distribute half of its wealth to help others. This should be one of the most universal values in the world, and the Roman Empire may use it to expand its territory and consolidate its rule.

Of course, universal love and sharing are definitely not for expansion now. A group of Kochi evangelicals who embrace the loyal Bible of science and technology use blockchain technology to give the love and sharing of Christian evangelicals to the evangelcoins project, which makes it have unprecedented value.

Evangel Coin is a belief system coin born with consensus and a token of community governance dedicated to spreading the gospel and praying for all mankind.EVA was launched in May, 2021, and is committed to spreading gospel coins to all places where God pays attention in the world within ten years, and developing into an advanced, decentralized and religious token leader. The team members are all Christians who are proficient in blockchain. As religious believers, EVA’s initial intention is to share happiness and prosperity and make the world beautiful.

EVA has five core characteristics:

1, holding currency dividends: each transaction distribution of 2% to all holders, belong to the so the holder’s profit motive.

  1. Strong intelligent contract: intelligent contract based on BSC chain, lower handling fee, faster transaction speed and higher transaction capacity.

3, continuous deflation: each transaction destroyed 1%, never issue, maintain a high value-added currency price.

  1. Public welfare attribute: 4% of each transaction is donated to the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), the three Christian coalitions in the world, which are enthusiastic about global public welfare and aim to spread the gospel of God.
  2. 100% autonomous communities: They have given up their dominant power since the foundation of Creation, and refused any giant whales to enter.

Balanced token allocation scheme:

15% is used for airdrop activities

15% is used for early community rewards

40% lock warehouse is added to the mobile pool

30% of the locks donate WEA World Evangelical Alliance to build a better world (4% of the handling fee for each transaction will also gradually donate WEA according to the market value growth)

EVA Core Mechanism:

All the fees we pay when we trade EVA contribute to the WWA WEA, which means that while we are trading, whether you believe in God or not, it is also the process by which you spread positive energy, good will, and good wishes to the world.

Holding EVA means that you can spread the gospel while making money. Whether you believe in Christianity or not, you will spread your kindness and blessings to the whole world. God will bless you. The handling fee in each transaction will be automatically donated to WEA World Evangelical Alliance.

A perfect collection of faith and science and technology, the gospel benefits all living beings with the help of science and technology, and spreads evangelical ideas so that more people can understand the gospel. When the seeds of goodness are planted in the hearts of hundreds of millions of believers, they will blossom and bear fruit, and will be blessed for a lifetime.