Footballbaby (FBBY) Airdrop 100U, on pre-order!

Footballbaby (FBBY) Airdrop 100U, on pre-order!

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Footballbaby (FBBY) Airdrop 100U, on pre-order!


Football baby (fbby)


Official website:

Pre-sale address (transfer 0.1BNB or more to this address):0xB14575F1908d2e81e3ae3164627226EEbc4726B5

Pre-sale price: 1BNB = 60 billion FBBY

Opening price: 1BNB = 30 billion FBBY


is a decentralised digital currency issued by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark for their daughter Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, who has loved football since she was a child and is particularly fascinated by football babies, Football Baby is only used to satisfy Princess Isabella’s hobby! The project is technically maintained by the famous German programmer Daniel Pohl. The project has the following highlights.

Core highlights: The talented designer Daniel Pohl has devised a complex trading model to ensure the sustainable rise of the fbby tokens, which takes into account the following factors.

1, the rate of increase of tokens across the network

2, the number of individual coin holdings by consensus holders

3, fbby price

4, the total number of tokens in circulation

5, the amount in circulation m is the amount available for sale in a single transaction as

Footballbaby (FBBY) Airdrop 100U, on pre-order!

The use of this model ensures that consensus makers cannot smash the market, and the rate of increase is always greater than the sale, the greater the total amount in circulation the higher the price of the token.

Highlight 1: The contract code is all open source, available on the open source website

Highlight 2: The seventh item of the code, the liquidity pool is permanently locked, after the initial liquidity pool is added it cannot be withdrawn, and at the same time it cannot be added again lp

Highlight 3: Decentralised holdings, Princess Isabella only holds 100 million tokens

Highlight 4, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will inject $10 million into it as a Bar Mitzvah for Princess Isabella.

Highlight 5, the circulation is small and all remaining tokens at the end of the private placement will be invested in the Black Hole

Highlight 6, the pre-sale price is 1 times higher than the opening price, which is in line with the market law, and the pre-sale coins are released in 3 batches, with the trading model in front to support the coin price, the pre-sale can be considered a solid profit.

Highlight 7, all coin holding users can participate in liquidity mining, 5% of each transaction will be distributed equally according to the number of coins held.

Footballbaby (FBBY) Airdrop 100U, on pre-order!