The new DIEM (PER) value certificate has three mainstream public chain characteristics

The competition for public chain originated in 2018, and even this year was called the first year of public chain by the industry. Suddenly, hundreds of public chain projects emerged around the world to launch competition, but before the technology boom was ripe, it was brought into the long cold winter by the sudden bear market.

In 2021, with the running entry of Gray Degree Capital, Musk’s extensive marketing on Twitter, the blockchain market ushered in an unimaginable big bull market. Although the market is stirred up hot by capital, but the industry insiders are still full of concerns about the prospect of blockchain, after all, only the technical fundamental breakthrough can break the shackles of The Times.

Public chain is the key, it plays an important role in blockchain applications, such as people known as BTC, ETH, TRC.HECO are a public chain. Of course, BTC is very different. It is not only the originator of cryptocurrency, but also breaks the inherent human concept and opens a magical door to the world, which is the cornerstone of the development of blockchain.

The new DIEM (PER) value certificate has three mainstream public chain characteristics

Today, a new value certificate DIEM (PER), about to launch circulation, and unlike many projects, DIEM (PER) is to build the three major chain contract, complement, combined with ETH,TRC and HECO three public chain, to create a new digital assets, maximize the advantages of block chain technology in DIEM (PER).

In view of the universality and liquidity of the blockchain industry, the DIEM (PER) technical team issued 100 million digital assets based on blockchain technology in the three public chain ecology such as ETH,TRC and HECO, making it safe and easier to transfer transactions, and strive to become the leader of global digital assets in the digital currency trading platform industry. This is an unprecedented attempt at blockchain digital assets, but the DIEM (PER) team is very confident that the various mainstream public chain ecosystem of the market can only create a perfect DIEM (PER) ecology.

The new DIEM (PER) value certificate has three mainstream public chain characteristics

In the future, the ultimate vision of DIEM (PER) digital assets is to realize the anonymity of comprehensive value systems such as payment, communication, trading, assets, break through various key technologies of value transmission network, build a global value Internet, and provide the basic network for all kinds of value transmission applications. With the support of Diem Word Exchange application, through DIEM (PER) ecological model and mining destruction mechanism, and realize incentive and circulation within this value system.

At present, DIEM (PER) digital assets are about to set sail. We are very looking forward to the joining of aspiring people in the world to jointly create the most perfect consensus public chain ecology in the world.