Four major international funds on the same day have led the investment to increase holdings of OTGS

According to the latest official statement of the Singapore Luxury Foundation, on June 22, 2021, Four major international funds (Silver Lake Capital, CVC Capital Partners, MBK Partners, Credit Suisse First Boston) increase their holdings of OTGS on the same day, Signed the cooperation intention outline on value anchoring, promotion and application of NFT entertainment + artwork with OTGS Foundation, and planned the use direction of the corresponding funds.

OTGS, initiated and promoted by the Luxury Foundation of Singapore, is a blockchain system designed to solve DeFi and NFT data storage based on the IPFS protocol, aiming to create and integrate the next generation of NFT. OTGS breakthrough will DeFi on IPFS agreement with NFT, become the world’s first decentralized OTGS comprehensive platform, the launch was RastraGroupInternationalLTD led many famous investment institutions.