ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance —- everyone can participate in

“Trust” is the foundation of modern financial development. Blockchain has penetrated into people’s lives and its technology has been used in many industries. The financial sector is constantly using blockchain to achieve inclusive benefits. We have entered the “distributed Finance” DeFi era.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

Decentralized Finance-DeFi first appeared in 2017, when DeFi was just a preliminary application concept. 2018 is the year of DeFi’s ecological framework. We started to build the application framework to make further preparations and construction work for the landing. In 2019, the application of DeFi “loan” scenarios took the lead. As market hotspots have undergone drastic changes. DeFi has become more diversified in the classification of goods and services. Among them, Synthetix, Uniswap and Set Protocol are used in the derivatives trading market and decentralized trading respectively. Attention has been paid to all asset transactions. In the second half of 2019, the rise of synthetic assets, contracts and other financial derivatives such as commodities, stocks, indexes, etc. gradually entered decentralized exchanges. 2020 is the “year of experimentation and innovation” for DeFi. The chain of traditional financial services has been gradually improved. DeFi ecologically exploded at an astonishing speed. Most original projects were replaced by a new wave of experiments and innovations. Various new applications emerged in an endless stream and many unimaginable products were born. According to CoinGecko data, the hot DeFi field has a market value of up to 150 billion U.S. dollars. DeFi has undergone evolution, experimentation and integration. Some specific trends have emerged becoming the most dazzling star in the blockchain market. It is believed that it will be the most dazzling star in the blockchain market. DeFi will continue to achieve the ultimate goal of “inclusive applications”.



The earliest public chain to carry the DeFi track is Ethereum. However, as the distributed nodes demand increase, the risk of smart contracts caused by congestion on the chain and excessive handling fees, the increase of DeFi costs, the decline of experience and the threat of governance systems And other issues. Moreover, Ethereum developer Philippe Castonguay stated that if people have to pay a $200 transaction fee to vote, most users will not participate. And this will only cause the whales to become richer because only they can participate in the pledge. Only the whales can trade and vote. The restrictive conditions of Ethereum’s current public chain cannot allow DeFi to achieve inclusive applications well. It increases the threshold for participants at one time, deviating from the core development concept of DeFi’s low cost, low threshold, and anti-censorship participation. If Ethereum cannot truly completing ETH2.0’s sharding technology upgrade, it is unable to expand and improve TPS performance well. Ethereum will not be able to carry the blue ocean market of DeFi petabytes and growing savagely in the future.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

TORN, whose strength is seriously underestimated in the DeFi track


The ecological richness of TRON may not be comparable to that of Ethereum. However, the ecological and technological development of TRON in recent years does have an eager feeling. Since 2021, the circulation of USDT issued based on TORN TRC-20 has exceeded 25.9 billion. The number of independent addresses has exceeded 3.12 million, which has surpassed the number issued by Ethereum ERC-20. It proves that the demand for USDT on TRON is greater than that on Ethereum. Gas can be charged more reasonably on TRON Costs solving a series of risks caused by Ethereum’s congestion on the chain.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

TRON DeFi protocol ALPS


ALPS is a DeFi digital asset developed based on TRON TRC-10. It is a project co-sponsored by the blockchain discussion group of the “Reddit” social news site. The forum group takes “consensus, co-governance and innovation” as its purpose Its members are all from Wall Street financial workers and Santa Clara Valley technology development programmers. They reached a consensus in the forum to promote a decentralized financial system by building a “diversified, inclusive,” application ecosystem.” , To complete the mission of “Social Finance that Everyone Can Participate in”.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

Through the continuous efforts of the members of the strategic forum, the ALPS project has been jointly invested by TRON Foundation, Millennium, Citadel, Fidelity, Adyen, Wealthfront and other funds for the technical research and development and innovation incentives of ALPS. The operation team is funded by the “Reddit” forum. It is composed of workers and program developers.They are distributed all over the world, including London, Washington, Holland, Singapore, etc., adopting a global “bottom-up” distribution and collaboration relationship. Anyone can contribute to the construction value of ALPS. Technical support and funding.


Token name: ALPS


Total issuance: 21 million


Issuing mechanism: IDBO

10% of POPO bidding proceeds

90% of EGG bidding proceeds


First application: 10.5 million


Deflation cycle: halved every 540 days


ALPS contract address:

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

ALPS adopts the only EGG IDBO bidding method in the world. There is no pre-sale, no pre-mining. 100% through the bidding and circulation market. The total circulation is 21 million . The autonomous and anonymous bidding method forms a linear arrangement, from high to low transactions based on the huge amount of bidding data. Through the smart contract agreement DAO autonomous token value, the entire issuance process is completely decentralized and on-chain participation will subvert the traditional ICO, IEO, IDO subscription limitations and black-box operation risks, all valuesare governed by the community.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in

ALPS will develop distributed financial applications in many application areas in the future, including: lending, warrants, equity, bonds, confirmation of rights registration, delivery, wealth management, bidding, and more complex interactive agreements based on contracts. Circulation in HECO, DEX, aggregators, oracles and other scenarios and  ALPS ecological public chain to provide management decisions and governance solutions for diversified digital financial chain activities. So that digital economy participants have convenient and highly transparent financial services.

ALPS New TRON DeFi-social finance ---- everyone can participate in