Can building UNIH based on the Taiwans chain save the digital currency bear market?

Another groundbreaking new coin from the Uniswap exchange, based on the UNI coin source code improvements, fixing the inherent flaws of the UNI coin in blockchain algorithms and cross-chain payments. It is a new version of UNI coin under the V3 protocol, a new type of blockchain asset, launched by UNI developers and a well-known team.

The original team used 8% of the coins to establish the UNIH Foundation for building consensus community and improving the ecology. 2% of the coins were used for airdrop to increase the consensus of UNIH.

At the same time, there is a blockchain team from Harvard for post maintenance operation, to maintain the stability of the code and the rise of the coin price, to create a star product on the Ethernet chain, UNIH is seriously undervalued compared to UNI, as the latest and most stable v3 protocol, UNIH has a 10,000 times increase.

After the launch, you can pledge mining, pledge more UNIH/ETH to improve efficiency, 50% of the total issue of the mining pool, to ensure that the UNIH project continues to develop, full of liquidity.

Now pre-sale 30% of the total issue, pre-sale price of 1ETH = 10,000UNIH, July 22 on line that ten times, the issue price of 1UNIH = 0.001ETH, the subsequent on-line coin, fire coin, matcha and other first-line exchanges, and a number of institutions to reach cooperation, on-line exchange at the same time telegraph home page broadcast, Twitter Facebook blockchain big brother publicity, the momentum to build a community beyond UNI.

Pre-sale countdown less than 30 days


Pre-sale website