The future of block chain must be the participation of all people with simple operation.

The future of block chain must be the participation of all people with simple operation.
As a new technology, blockchain technology has become one of the key industries in the world, and has formed its own unique industry. Many honors and words converge on blockchain technology. But when it comes to the core of blockchain itself, distributed storage is actually the core.
The core principle is to let all people enter the blockchain industry as a node.
But now the mystery of the industry is too heavy, the threshold of the industry is also very high, especially the core resources “mining” industry, many ordinary people simply have no way to participate in it.
If an industry wants to develop for a long time, the utilization rate and the number of participants will always be the biggest problem. In popular terms, it is the flow.
From computers to mobile phones, the continuous development of technology is to better and easier for users to participate in it. Imagine that if smartphones do not have a convenient and easy operation, each operation will have its own threshold to limit. Then smartphones will not be popular.
Back to the block chain industry is the same, from the core of the industry to the foundation of the industry, the development of technology to the application of ecology, in fact, continue to simplify the whole system, many times to subtract the threshold of the industry.
From pow, to pos, and then to poc, in fact, from every point of view, the threshold of mining has been constantly lowered, but this is still far from enough.
Even now the poc mechanism is a process that needs to be wasted and rebuilt, and it is still very difficult for many retail investors to join the industry, so if the blockchain industry wants to develop, it will be a very important issue to simplify and subtract and reduce the difficulty of the participants.
When it comes to mining, the first impression is high energy consumption. Pow is limited by power resources, sites, mining machines, chips, and so on. Even hard drives of poc are impacted by large factories and institutions, driving up prices, and cluster concentration is a waste of resources in disguise.
The blockchain should be free, and the degree of participation should be convenient. This is what the blockchain industry should look like.
So recently we have been watching the YKCOIN let us see the dawn, through a lot of more advanced algorithms and the introduction of ideal mining difficulty, talk about the new world of block chain industry for us to open, let us see the new direction of block chain in the future.
Today’s storage devices are very advanced. We can use computers as storage and appliances with storage space as storage. By the same token, our smartphones can also become storage nodes.
Greatly reduce the threshold of participation and the risk of participants, we do not have to buy expensive equipment again, we can participate with the resources we have, this is a great feat, so YKCOIN is the blockchain industry we most look forward to in the future, which will bring the best opportunity for all people to participate. September is coming, and this great moment is also coming.
It’s worth looking forward to.