Superman Captal laid out the metaverse and launched the ACEGI wealth appreciation system

Singapore SUPERMAN CAPITAL began to lay out the metaverse industry, taking the lead in launching the ACEGI wealth appreciation system to expand the market.

SUPERMAN CAPITAL FOUNDATION LTD. is a registered company operating in compliance with laws and regulations in Singapore. It was established in March 2022 by ACEGI Group of Singapore and Core Scientific of the United States. It aims to expand the business fields of both parties, and at the same time, with the help of the wave of Metaverse development, on the basis of its own financial services and traditional Blockchain business, it will fully develop Blockchain finance and the Metaverse industry.

ACEGI is a financial service product launched by Suerpman, which uses value services to attract more traffic to forge the future situation of the industry.

The development of science and technology has turned the impossible into reality again and again. The development of technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, 5G, and 6G has made the Metaverse within reach. According to the analysis of the Research and Markets report, it is expected that by 2030, the global metaverse market size will reach 678.8 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 39.4%.

After the financial industry has entered the Internet era, the operation, marketing and management models have been fundamentally changed. The integration of the Metaverse development model is to comply with the requirements of technological development, and it is also the only way for institutions to stand out in the new wave of financial technology.

On the other hand, from scene, interaction to consumption, the narrative ability of the metaverse on scene will come into play. For example, the spatial structure combining virtual and real supports the creation of a virtual financial center, and the immersive environment will improve the effect of financial institutions in acquiring customers and promoting products. Metaverse will become a “sharp weapon” for enterprises to stand out.

Suerpman is also closely following the trend of the times, and is gradually transitioning from the value industry to the metaverse industry. Based on the existing financial services, it will gradually launch services and products such as multi-currency wallets, DeFi, social finance, and virtual cities.

The multi-currency wallet, which is currently under research and development, can store various encrypted assets, stablecoins and NFTs issued by the local government, and provide account recharge, remittance and payment services.

At the same time, Suerpman plans to create a “virtual town” in which office centers, financial business centers, and game fields will be built.

In the virtual city, real financial products and services will be embedded in the metaverse, providing real-time digital financial services for units and individuals in the metaverse, and through the metaverse technology, the real finance can be opened up.

Superman will always adhere to the values of integrity and pragmatism, based on the real industry and looking to the future. In the new era, we will actively seek a development path, strive to innovate services and products, and bring better services and more valuable products to users.