OX Mavericks Quantitative, the creator of a new intelligent quantitative strategy in the era of big data

With the digital currency bull market entering a period of crazy profitability in 2021, the trend of blockchain dividends. With the advent of the era of big data in recent years, smart programs have become more and more popular among investors, starting from the birth of blockchain. The OX star quantitative team, which has been receiving attention from the beginning, entered the digital currency market from the traditional market in one fell swoop. After three years of deep cultivation, the OX Mavericks quantitative top application has been developed.

OX Mavericks Quantitative, the creator of a new intelligent quantitative strategy in the era of big data


What is the principle of OX Mavericks quantification?

Quantitative trading is the use of artificial intelligence technology and mathematical models to implement investment strategies, screening out a variety of “high probability” events that can bring profit from a large amount of historical data, and combining technical indicators of successful manual trading experience to quantify and solidify into The strategy of opening and closing positions is to strictly implement this rule and strategy through code programs to obtain sustainable, stable and long-term high returns. This process is also called automated trading, because it can replace human subjective judgment with programmatic trading.


An international professional team creates quality and safety assurance

OX Mavericks Quantitative Robot was established in 2016, focusing on trading strategies in the fields of stocks and foreign exchange in the early stage. The team has top experts in the industry and a senior technical team. He has rich experience in actual combat and has a good record in the investment field. In recent years, the team has increased its development efforts in the blockchain industry. By establishing business and developing partnerships in multiple areas of the blockchain, it has been able to build many blockchain business companies from exchanges to high-frequency quantification, from A new product matrix from mining machine research and development to edge computing, together with more industry participants, to create a “golden digital cutting method” based on improved quantitative strategies, breaking through the traditional quantitative strategies of the past in one fell swoop. Long and short two-way arbitrage achieved an annualized rate of 160% profit.


Behind all this, an excellent international operation and technical team is indispensable. OX Mavericks is quantified and jointly invested by a number of internationally renowned funds. Including the world’s three major investment banks including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, etc. The R&D and strategy team brings together more than 100 industry talents, including AI, mathematics, and financial experts from world-class financial institutions including Harvard Business School, Cambridge University, and Waseda University. The core robot technology development members are technical talents from well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, China Chain Technology Group, etc., and the overall R&D strength is strong. At the same time, the OX Mavericks quantitative robot is equipped with an international-level risk control team, and has an innovative technical system in terms of platform asset protection and safety factors. It has passed the Smart Application Management Act of China, the United States and Europe, and escorted investors.


Investment and financial management need new choices to keep up with the development of the times, ox Mavericks quantitatively grasp the pulse of the times

OX Mavericks Quantitative has an independently developed intelligent robot for the automated trading of digital assets. Through the new “Golden Digital Cutting Method” quantitative strategy, the API KEY created by its blockchain encrypted digital asset trading platform account is automatically connected to encrypted digital asset transactions throughout the process. All accounts, intelligent trading transactions. So what is the same and different between it and traditional artificial currency speculation?


1. Market transactions are essentially the same

Buy low and sell high, because digital currency is a global consensus, and the price itself affects the relationship between supply and demand between users, and the supply and demand of users is affected by the economic, financial, and environmental conditions of various regions around the world. It is not any community or Individuals can determine the direction of future prices. Therefore, whether artificial or robot speculation, the future price rise and fall are not known.


2. Manual speculation depends on expectations, while robot speculation logic only depends on market conditions

Artificial currency speculation is because of their own understanding of the digital currency field, information, recommendations of others, etc., to purchase, hoping to increase prices in the future. The robot speculation does not predict future market fluctuations, but only responds to future fluctuations. That is to say, using robots to speculate coins, whether it is up or down, will make a profit. Because the future price will rise or fall, no one knows. Therefore, artificial currency speculation is equivalent to predicting the future market based on a certain amount of information. There are two absolute results of the prediction: the prediction is correct or the prediction is wrong.


When the former appears, the artificial currency speculation makes a profit, and when the latter appears, the artificial currency speculation loses. The probability of each occurrence is 50%. From the perspective of probability, there is no advantage. In addition, in the process of artificial currency speculation, users are usually affected by all aspects of their own potential and make irrational buying and selling behaviors. At the same time, I often look at the market, which wastes time and energy. Sometimes I cut the meat when I buy it, and I buy it when I sell it. The currency will become less and less. In the market, over 99% of those who speculate coins manually lose money. The remaining 1% of investors who are currently profitable are also approaching 100%. Temporary gains are only the process, and the final loss is the result.


Compared with manual speculation, OX quantifies the advantages of robot speculation:

The OX quantitative application uses a set of accurate and error-free codes integrated with human thinking and logic, and connects to high-performance cloud servers deployed in the attachments of major financial exchanges around the world. It operates 24 hours a day and uses a millisecond lightning trading system to exchange Send instructions quickly, use powerful quantitative transaction information processing capabilities to capture more investment opportunities, ensure uninterrupted operation of strategies, and accurately monitor more than 2,000 different digital financial products. Investors, under professional guidance, intelligently and scientifically set stop-profit and stop-loss points. Whether it is rising or falling, it avoids human interference and achieves the ultimate investment goal of ignoring market profit.

OX Mavericks Quantitative, the creator of a new intelligent quantitative strategy in the era of big data

Counting the ten years of ups and downs in the development of the digital currency industry, compared to the traditional investment market, the digital investment market can be said to be a deep water area for new investors. No one knows where the next value depression is? Where is the next one hundred times currency and thousand times currency? The OX Mavericks quantitative robot uses the latest big data intelligence technology and top-notch “golden digital cutting method” strategy to help investors free from complicated market-watching transactions, achieve lie-down profit in precise automatic trading, and grow into the industry’s leading quant. At the same time as the platform, it will also become the investment choice for crossing the bull and bear market under the full platform in 2021!