Autonomous Dream Works Ingenuity masterpiece EGG Network

Autonomous Dream Works is an autonomously organized international Hacker organization, adhering to the spirit of the DAO contract, is the consensus system of all Hacker members, and serves the development ofglobal Internet technology and digital technology according to autonomous, decentralized and anonymous services. Its members arespread all over the world. Among them, a blockchain technology wizardfrom the Chaos Computer Club, Dr. Tey, triggered: “Using blockchain technology to fundamentally change the subjective trust ofhuman beings into the objective trust mechanism of machine programs(Machine program objectification trust mechanism)”. He participated in the testing of the Ethereum code call library and thecode fix work in the early days. Also won the “Code snipe”award at the Chaos Computer Club European Friendship Conference.

At the beginning of 2014, Autonomous Dream Works and smart contract design expert Sandris Murins decided to use blockchain technology to build a fully open, multi-dimensional, aggregated financial public chain EGG Network in Dr. Tey’s concept of “trust mechanism conversion” , use of ecological DAO autonomy, to realize the chain “mobile digital bank.”

Autonomous Dream Works Ingenuity masterpiece EGG Network

Egg Netowrk integrates the essence of blockchain technology and provides a series of blockchain technology templates to implement a new element intelligence protocol


One click send out chain helps dApp scene developers quickly build tens of millions of block chain applications. It is an expandable heterogeneous multi-chain network, and implements the New-Defi super ecological public chain of decentralized business scenes.

Autonomous Dream Works by “DIC technology” or “Data Center system – connect” three layers of interconnected inspired, pioneered the Core Chain leading parallel Chain across the Chain structure, and realize the parallel between the Chain and side Chain interaction, Data and assets to block all nodes maintain the Core Chain, providing Shared security and services across the Chain, and is independent of the block parallel Chain Chain, contains the logic and processing trade, etc., each parallel Chain run independently, focus on solve the problem of various fields, It could be a social chain, a credit chain, a medical chain, etc.


While solving the cross chain problem,Automous dream works provides scalable substrata in the egg network,By providing efficient database, network layer, consensus algorithm, transaction pool and a series of rutime templates, we can quickly help developers build a DAPP with integrity. At the same time, substance has strong scalability. The underlying TPS supports data transmission with 100 times capacity expansion. The application layer can be transformed into different intelligent Contract languages, which solves the problems of poor capacity expansion of bitcoin and congestion on Ethereum chain, Gas rate is not stable.


In decentralized storage interstellar file system on the basis of,Autonomous Dream Works has developed the Distrbuted Dat System (DDS), which supports tens of billions of files across the peer-to-peer network in the user layer, data layer, interchange layer, routing layer, and network layer. Sharing and transmission to maximize the performance of digital information storage and access.


In the traditional blockchain technology, the working process is too dependent on the smart contract, resulting in excessive load on the smart contract. Therefore, automous dream works introduces the google-v8 intelligent transaction engine on the egg network. The source code is first transformed into the abstract syntax tree (AST) by the parser, and then the full code generator of JIT compiler is used to generate the local executable code directly from the ast. This process is different from that of converting Java into bytecode, which reduces the conversion time from AST to bytecode and exponentially improves the processing speed of smart contract.


EGG Network USES is POTP binary interaction consensus algorithm, parallel UTXO accounting model, is used to light the client ms merkel prove (LCV), mechanism of two layer protocol consensus algorithm, POTP contains both the underlying accounting consensus algorithm, and the upper reward consensus allocation mechanism of charge to an account, in order to pass the public transparently the books of the track record of each transaction history. UTXO has a natural concurrency capability and is very scalable for transactions between multiple addresses. UTXO supports the output of Change Address to protect user privacy, ensure asset security and distribute revenue more appropriately.


Autonomous Dream Works Ingenuity masterpiece EGG Network

EGG Network Autonomous Dream Works is the creation of unique and complete dehumanization, to comply to the center, is a tolerant polymeric Yongten million application development dynamic financial network.