FFIL will help Filecoin grow in distributed storage in the multi-chain era

Up to now, the blockchain industry has formed a new technological revolution, in which the concept of distributed ledger has been comprehensively upgraded and optimized, and distributed digital storage has begun to be applied.

Filecoin’s mission is to create a distributed, efficient, and powerful infrastructure for social information storage. We believe that humanity’s most valuable resource is information, and Filecoin is passionate about storing and protecting this valuable resource with efficient pricing, distribution, and protection.

The launch of IPFS network also started the wave of distributed storage, in which FIL, as the incentive representative of the main network, also began to replace the traditional block chain mining industry, and set off the highlight moment of POC storage.

Filecoin is not only software, but also a rapidly growing ecosystem. In order to better popularize distributed storage and get more people to participate in this great cause, FFIL Blockchain Research Center and the original FIL development team to deepen the technology development of the industry, successfully implemented the fork of FIL, the birth of FFIL digital tokens.

As the original ecological coin of FIL, FFIL has realized the optimization of cluster output, and through the upgrading of technology, achieved the distribution system of cloud computing power, so that more people can easily participate in the new generation of distributed storage mining industry.

The first round of funding for FFIL Blockchain Research Center has received the participation of IDG, Innocent Angel Fund, Danwar Capital and Paradigm Foundation with a total of USD 70 million.

FFIL is based on TRON TRC-20 tokens, with a total of 8 million tokens, all of which are mined based on storage. The Foundation will recycle the produced FFIL without limit, and the recovered tokens will reach 2 million tokens on the main network for online trading.

According to the news, FFIL will be available in Russia, the United States, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the whole world on May 30, officially online.

FFIL birth will impact block chain industry development direction, the widely popular degree will also continue to improve, work force as block chain industry core resources, in the industry belongs to the chain of the core, scarcity, uniqueness and value, Filecoin painted a grand vision to the industry, in the future, let’s wait and see.

FFIL will help Filecoin grow in distributed storage in the multi-chain era