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04/09/2024 • GMT-0800000000-08:002616am24

ZxcCat Charity Memecoin

The kitten video posted by Tik Tok user ZXC will soon release an encrypted token in the form of Memecoin, named $ZxcCat $ZxcCat is dedicated to pursuing charitable activities and promoting tipping culture into Africa and Asia They have carried out many philanthropic activities in Africa and India to advance the development and influence of Memecoin

01/16/2024 • GMT-0800000000-08:002616am24

Ordistar—the world’s first celebrity inscription exchange

Singapore City, 01-15-2024 – Ordistar, a company dedicated to promoting the integration of art and blockchain technology, today announced the official launch of its new inscription application platform on the 22nd-25th of this month. The launch of this innovative platform marks the in-depth integration of art and technology, providing a new interactive experience for art fans and artists. Ordistar’s inscription application platform is based on the blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is committed to creating a safe, trustworthy, and highly interactive art exchange ecosystem. Through this platform,…

09/15/2023 • AprilTue, 16 Apr 2024 11:33:26 -08003316am24

The exchange BTC-K was launched on September 10th

The global Crypto exchange was launched on September 10th. Welcome to Participate in the public beta testing.   The full name of BTC-K is Bitcoin Geek,is a global comprehensive exchange owned by Geek Group. Its core team has been in the industry for more than 10 years. BTC-K is committed to improving the ecology of the crypto exchange, providing secure, reliable and sustainable crypto exchange services for all bitcoiners. BTC-K has received capital injection from many Crypto capital in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other places.   With the development of Web3 and AI , Crypto2.0 assets have entered a new transition period….

10/29/2022 • tham30000000Tue, 16 Apr 2024 11:33:26 -080016am24

WEB3 Platform WEBGOLD Receives Investment from UEEx UEEx

Content: WEBGOLD is a crypto ecosystem platform that automates, or semi-automates, trading through AI intelligent trading, and helps users access Crypto trading strategies. BGD is the governance token of WEBGOLD, with a constant total of 100 million tokens. 70% of the tokens are based on the world’s first participatory algorithmic mining mechanism (POP), which collects people with the same consensus to build the WEB3 economy, which is more environmentally friendly than POW mining and safer than POS, satisfying Satoshi Nakamoto’s It meets Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of everyone participating in mining….

10/14/2022 • AprilTue, 16 Apr 2024 11:33:26 -08003316am24

Audit platform OtterSec reports

  According to the blockchain auditing platform OtterSec, a large number of nodes based on BSC public chain deployed in Amazon server Asia Pacific suffered DDOS attack, resulting in a large number of nodes losing data and making the Dapp partially functionally unusable because the cross-chain process between BNB Chain and BSC will be invoked by the cross-chain contract deployed on BSC for IVAL tree verification of the submitted data. At present, the technical team is doing its best to repair and maintain the data, and it is expected that…

09/11/2022 • th000000416am24

The dark horse of wealth HashBox: Using blockchain technology to help the World Cup guessing

HashBox is an innovative application based on the integration of “blockchain + big data” by Hong Kong Hash Financial Services and Singapore Titan Foundation. With its own unique fun and user experience as the core development concept, it quickly opens up new opportunities. door to the world. Utilize the advantages of Hashbox’s decentralization to help the quiz of the World Cup. At that time, all the information and funds of the World Cup quiz will be recorded on the blockchain and publicized on the whole network, and users can better…

09/01/2022 • GMT-080011000000Tue, 16 Apr 2024 11:33:26 -08002616am24

Together DAO will start a huge comprehensive and practical DAO ecological project

Together DAO aims to build a huge comprehensive and practical DAO ecological project, integrating NFT, Social, VC, incubation, content creation and other types of applications on the platform, providing users with a variety of DAO functions and various business scenarios services, experience in A platform ecology is convenient to switch to participate in the use of multiple functions.The project token TD will be traded at Pancake swap at 20:00 on September 2 (UTC+8).

08/21/2022 • th000000416am24

RevolutionDAO2.0, taking decentralization to the extreme

RevolutionDAO based on the minting mechanism to achieve a cold start, one coin, one price, valuable anchor, through an open and transparent treasury system and decentralized community governance, to achieve a multi-dimensional aggregator DAO ecology. RevolutionDAO ecology can not be developed without the trust and security of the community, focusing on DAO investment management protocols to create growth technology and funding for new high-quality projects And to rebuild community trust and security, the principle of financial decentralization, technology decentralization and rights decentralization, to break the structure and inequality pattern of…

08/19/2022 • AprilTue, 16 Apr 2024 11:33:26 -08003316am24

Revolution DAO destroys 66% of its tokens, paving the way for a new 2.0 phase

Revolution DAO passed and executed the destruction of 7509490 RLDs through the Snapshot proposal. Since the start of minting, the project has destroyed a total of 850,8264 RLDs, which translates to approximately $11.89 million based on real-time prices. In terms of the proposal, the treasury set aside 300,000 RLDs for rewards to the governance committee and the development of eco-products. This move means that RLD is further deflated in market circulation and more clearly a fully community oriented deflationary utility token, unleashing huge price upside. According to the latest news,…

07/25/2022 • Apr2024416am24

Carry the charm of a disruptive new game that is more popular than fomo3D

Carry is currently on the market long-awaited disruptive innovation decentralized new mechanism on the chain platform, using a new way of entry 2 out of 1 out of the game, while 50% of the entry funds given out of the order, 20% divided to the entry single, 20% divided to the promoter, 4% given to the NFT holder, 1% of the tail single prize pool divided to the most tail into 10 lucky people, the team only retains 5% as technical transport and peacekeeping Development of new ecology. The team…