Gmeta strives to build Yuanyu and build the strongest ecological web3

In recent years, the metaverse and web3.0 have frequently appeared in people’s sights. The relationship between the two is actually complementary. The metaverse is the superstructure, and web3.0 is the infrastructure. If Gmeta wants to get a share of the metaverse, it must know how to develop web3. After all, only when the infrastructure is solid can the superstructure be developed.

Gmeta strives to build Yuanyu and build the strongest ecological web3

Analysis of the meaning of Web3.0
Web3.0 is the new future of the Internet. It is a decentralized network of previous generation internet applications and services powered by distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain. Its mission is to decentralize data so that computers have human intelligence to analyze and interpret information.

Web3.0, empowering the underlying data construction of the Metaverse
Gmeta reshape web3.0 trillion data value through big data blockchain. This metaverse digital ecology formed by the Web3.0 technology system centered on the blockchain will effectively promote the development of digitization and industrial digitization, and create new engines. Realize the high-quality development of the digital economy. It can be said that Metaverse is a new web3.0 digital ecology with blockchain as the core. This digital technology with blockchain as the core can promote information technology services, thereby promoting digitalization. Metaverse can create and innovate a wider range of application scenarios, stimulate information consumption and promote industrial digitization.

Metaverse is a credible digital value interaction network with blockchain technology as its core. It is a new digital scene, new industry and new ecology supported by the Web3.0 technology system and operating mechanism, and will generate a lot of innovation in the digital environment. The business model forms a new paradigm in the digital space. It is an important means to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization.

web3.0 solves the problems of web2.0
The problems of Web 2.0 have brought about a large amount of data fraud, lack of privacy protection, malicious algorithms, and oligopoly of Internet giants, etc. These are all obvious obstacles at present. In order to leap from web2.0 to web3.0, that is, to solve the above-mentioned problems of web2.0, the most important node is to solve the establishment of a new operating dimension, and this operating dimension is time. Why do you say that? Because the only dimension that can connect robots and real people is the time dimension. During this process, the Metaverse is very dependent on this issue. Including why the most important keyword of the blockchain is time, because the dimension of time can sort data more efficiently, and at this time another thing will be introduced, which is a robot. Moreover, when the robot is running data and sorting data for you, whether it is through its basic ability, SQL ability, or AI ability, its efficiency in processing information and data is higher than that of humans, and it The accuracy, including its long-term storage capacity, is also higher than that of humans.

Gmeta strives to build Yuanyu and build the strongest ecological web3

web3.0 is a decentralized network operation mechanism. On the one hand, it pays more attention to individual users than web2.0, and can provide protection for the security and privacy of users’ personal data. On the other hand, it is a more humane Internet world, dedicated to removing the barriers between information and data, making the Internet more open, inclusive and secure.

Both web3.0 and Metaverse are important development directions of the Internet in the future, and the two will tend to converge. Therefore, it is essential to vigorously develop web3.0 in order to maintain a competitive advantage on the Metaverse track. For Gmeta, it is making full use of the spirit of WEB.3 as its core to create a metaverse that belongs to everyone.