The First BRC20 Metaverse Dango Released the First BRC20 Token $DGOO Gains Wide Attention

Dango is the first Web3 metaverse project driven by the Dango DAO in the BRC-20 ecosystem. Its name is derived from the Japanese word “Dango,” and its core values are democracy, unity, and sharing. Dango plans to establish a country (Planet) based on the utopian concept, and the DGOO token issued on BTC will serve as the sole legal currency of Dango Planet. In the future, Dango will release BTC-exclusive limited edition NFTs on BRC-20, and users holding DGOO will have priority opportunities to obtain them. Every NFT holder will be a citizen of Dango Planet.



On a mysterious planet located at the edge of the distant galaxy, there exists a species of creatures called “Dango,” which have remained unknown to human beings. The Dango have been guarding a legendary treasure for generations, but only the “royal family” knows the truth about the treasure’s existence. According to legend, whoever finds the treasure will gain the royal family’s wealth.


Due to the existence of the treasure, many outsiders have appeared on the Dango planet, but they have no signs of life. However, they have the same appearance as the Dango. In the human world, these outsiders are called “AI intelligences.” The Dango have been guarding the planet and the treasure for generations, but since the arrival of the “outsiders,” the planet has been riddled with holes, possibly dug by the outsiders in search of the treasure.


The Dango king holds supreme power, but in order to maintain the planet’s prosperity and to protect the people from being oppressed by the outsiders, an assembly was established in the year 1063 of the “Dango Calendar.” The six legendary knights, each possessing one of six different superpowers and holding one of six clues leading to the location of the treasure, protect the king and the assembly.


It was thought that the Dango and outsiders were coexisting on the planet under some unspoken agreement…until one of the six knights suddenly disappeared, and a loud noise was heard from the “uninhabited forest” on the other side of the planet.



Token Ticker: DGOO

Issuing Chain: BRC20

Total Supply: 210,000,000

Limited Per Mint: 10,000



NFT Content: Circulation, Issuance, and Distribution Method

Dango has already issued 3333 regular NFTs on the Sui chain. Users holding Dango on Sui NFTs can upgrade to regular NFTs by minting DGOO and enjoy more benefits in the Dango metaverse. NFTs on BRC-20 are paid for using DGOO.


Limited edition gold NFT sale

We will sell 6 rare knight Dango gold NFTs separately through auction. The sales revenue for each knight Dango gold NFT will be several times that of other Dango NFTs. These gold NFTs will be treasures for collectors and investors, not only in terms of their rarity but also in their unique design and functionality.


Dango Planet Metaverse Game

We are planning to develop the Dango Planet metaverse game, where players holding Dango NFTs can use their own NFTs as their in-game characters and tickets. In the game, players can participate in different activities, earn rewards, and gain social recognition. The Dango Planet metaverse game will be an important part of the Dango ecosystem and will bring more value and fun to holders of Dango NFTs and DGOO tokens.

The First BRC20 Metaverse Dango Released the First BRC20 Token $DGOO Gains Wide Attention



Stage One: Issuing Dango on Sui NFTs

In this phase, we will issue 3,333 regular Dango NFTs.


Stage Two: Building Dango Planet

1.Dango Planet will be built on BRC-20 and issue Dango BRC-20 token DGOO.

2.Dango Planet will also include various entertainment facilities, such as amusement halls, concerts, and art exhibitions.


Stage Three: Developing the Dango Planet Ecosystem

In this phase, we will establish a complete ecosystem to support the operation of Dango Planet. This will include issuing Dango on BRC-20 NFTs and developing the economic and financial system of Dango Planet, including buying, selling, and trading materials and treasures in Dango Planet, enhancing the identity of Dango holders, and making more DGOO and treasures. We will also develop applications and services related to Dango, such as using DGOO to purchase physical goods, participating in offline exhibitions, and serving as the only certificate for Dango metaverse finance.


Stage Four: Expanding the Dango Planet Community

In this phase, we will begin to expand the Dango Planet community and establish connections and collaborations with other communities. We will attract more users and developers through events, competitions, rewards, and promotion. We will also provide developers with tools and documentation, and in the future, various facilities in Dango Planet will come from community developers, creating and sharing community culture and values. As individual users, you can use DGOO to provide opportunities for others to create and work, and advertisers can also use DGOO to pay individuals or community advertising fees.



Vision for the Future


Dango’s vision for the future is to become a vibrant, innovative, and potential-rich Web3 metaverse ecosystem. Through the construction of DGOO, Dango NFT, and Dango Planet, we hope to provide a rich Web3 world for global users and bring more opportunities and value to DGOO and NFT holders, developers, and communities.


Developing a unique Web3 world: Dango Planet will become a unique, rich, and vibrant Web3 world that attracts global users to participate. Dango Planet will include various entertainment facilities and social functions such as games, concerts, art exhibitions, and virtual communities.


Establishing a complete ecosystem: We will develop a complete ecosystem to support the operation of Dango Planet. This will include developing the economic and financial system of Dango Planet, providing payment and trading platforms, supporting developers and innovators, establishing a robust community, and to some extent, connecting Dango with the real world.



Recently, the DGOO token has gained widespread attention on the BRC-20 network. In just two days, 210 million DGOO tokens were minted, breaking ORDI’s record with a daily minting volume of 100 million tokens. As of now, DGOO tokens have risen more than 25 times in price, and trading volume and market capitalization continue to grow.


Before the launch of DGOO, the Dango team released the first batch of Dango NFT on the Sui Network, which quickly gained 22,000 Twitter followers and 20,000 community members. The cryptocurrency community on Twitter has also started discussing the trading volume of DGOO tokens, which even briefly ranked second on the Uniswap in-progress leaderboard.


As the first Web3 metaverse project based on the BRC-20 network, Dango combines ERC-20 gameplay with decentralized features of BRC-20. The team has also announced plans to build the Dango Planet ecosystem, launch a new NFT project on the BRC-20 network, and establish a complete BRC-20 community ecosystem.


After missing out on the ORDI hype, Dango’s emergence has shown people the greater potential of BRC-20 and could become the next big thing. As a result,many investors are now focusing on this opportunity.





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