What is the capital of YURO, an epic project?

According to reliable news reports

Led by SK39 Stanford technical team, in careful layout and development finally ushered in the most important online test, on June 7,2021 team carefully build YURO finally in currency an intelligent chain pancakeswap decentralized exchange completed online test, YURO is not only the product of the trend, it is to solve the NFT pain points of trial, YURO will set up a global NFT folk art decentralized trading platform. YURO is a bridge linking the physical world to the NFT world! Among them, 2% of the transaction fee of 3% was distributed to the holders, 1% was destroyed。

Epic project YURO has completed the financing of eight mysterious capital capitals successively, among which the strongest 168 communities in the world will cooperate with it, and is bound to build the strongest project in history。

Today, because of its unique characteristics of the project, the valuation cost of its single Token is too high, it is 。difficult to form pricing in a short time, and then form a value consensus, making is difficult to maximize its distribution. That’s why when NFT first appeared with the cryptocat, it attracted a lot of non-digital asset native users by relying on its “unique and unique” characteristics, but has not been able to maintain the heat。

But at that time, people’s cryptocat craze also brought a heavy burden to the decentralized network, the once blocked Ethereum network, just imagine, if the formed scale of NFT has a large number of regular chain transactions every day, it would produce limited network resources are unlimited occupation.。

YURO will solve the NFT metadata storage problem. Then YURO can build the smart contract with virtual machines and the underlying NFT protocol. Let various brands release their own NFT, through the YURO chain protocol, allowing YURO to build a complete DeFi + NFT ecosystem. And YURO stores NFT metadata through distributed storage, realizing the permanent storage and uniqueness of metadata, which largely guarantees the asset security and scarcity of NFT 。

The future one hundred times has become a foregone conclusion, and in this upcoming feast of wealth, you and I will be the witness of YURO and the experience of YURO in history.

On June 8, YURO super NFT ecology, the first currency, an intelligent chain, and YURO will launch the mainstream top 10 exchanges in the next few months

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