YkCoin’s most new industry with the essence of blockchain

YkCoin’s most new industry with the essence of blockchain


From a technical point of view, the current blockchain industry has made considerable progress in various fields, and many application scenarios have begun to be completed. However, after more than ten years of development, many blockchain industries and new sectors have begun to leave the zone. The essence of the block chain.

From the core point of view of the blockchain, the essence of the blockchain is distributed storage, but with the concentration of a large number of mining machines, a large number of resources have become centralized control of capital, especially in the POC storage sector, many large-scale The centralized computer room monopolizes the source of the industry. The participation of ordinary people not only has to pay expensive hardware costs, but also because of various technical barriers, the threshold for ordinary people to participate continues to rise, the risks are increasing, the application scenarios are blurred, and due to excessive The high cost makes the cost of blockchain network and distributed storage deviate from the essence of blockchain.

So how can the true core value of the blockchain be withdrawn? YkCoin has conducted in-depth discussions and excavations with a number of blockchain technical teams, and collected a large number of suggestions from senior blockchain enthusiasts, and finally found the one with the most blockchain spirit. The blockchain industry model. In fact, the core of the distributed storage of the blockchain lies in the participation of the whole people and the participation of the real low or zero threshold, simple operation, and technology that can realize storage without specific equipment.

After long-term investigation and research, we found that the functions and configurations of the equipment used for “mining”, which was born 10 years ago, are far lower than that of many mobile storage devices now. Compared with mobile phones, it is not difficult to find that, from storage space to cpu, today’s smart phones far surpass the computers of 10 years ago. Then we have made a bold idea based on this concept. Smart phones are basically popular now. If all smart phones can be distributed on the blockchain through blockchain technology, then such a distribution is complete. It really allows everyone to participate without barriers.

This kind of technology is what the blockchain and “mining” itself should look like, not like some “mining” to waste energy and destroy the environment to realize the distributed blockchain.

Therefore, the birth of YkCoin will completely solve the current essential pain points of the blockchain, and after early ecological construction and technology precipitation, YkCoin’s main network will be launched soon, using the core consensus algorithm of DPOS+POST as a whole, and launching the ideal field concept. The “mining” output of all hardware equipment depends on the average value of participating “mining” equipment to optimize the output, to prevent large institutions from using the advantages of hardware to control nodes and forcibly occupy resources, and truly make every user participating in it become A key point in the entire network, not a useless node that is emptied by capital.

YkCoin will be officially launched in the near future to meet with users around the world. What we can do now is full of anticipation and hope that a new era is coming.