What is the core of the blockchain?

What is the core of the blockchain?

YkCoin has the most blockchain core blockchain industry!

The core lies in two key points: one is distributed and the other is encryption.

In the more than ten years of blockchain development, many excellent concepts and technologies have been used and spread, but the core nature of blockchain has not changed.

However, many times the fundamental “mining” of the blockchain industry has begun to deviate from the core spirit. The entry of many institutions and the participation of some large capitals have made many “mining” resources easily monopolized or close to centralization in a large area. This is undoubtedly the pain point of the entire industry.

YkCion was also troubled at the beginning of its design. After a year of ecological construction, the core model of the main network has also been rebuilt. The entire technical team is from senior blockchain technicians. Fame and fortune are just inspiring to develop a better new network with the essence of blockchain.

As a result, the core of YkCion was born, which combined the algorithm of the ideal world through the DPOS+POST mechanism, so that every device with storage function can participate in the way of storing and becoming a node. No longer limited to so-called professional mining machines, nor relying on centralized management such as clusters, what we have to do is that every electronic device with space and connection can become a key point of storage.

Based on this concept, we found that the current smart phone can also become a storage carrier. Since then, the “mining” industry is no longer mysterious, nor does it belong to a small group of people, or large organizations use more advanced equipment to obtain more Of the resources, and will not cause a series of waste of resources such as environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

The overall model is to provide the most optimized storage space to set the reward of tokn, so as to avoid part of the high concentration to concentrate “mining”, which is beneficial to all participants and everyone in it. .

This is the most basic organization, the blockchain with the core essence of the blockchain.

Of course, relying on a more distributed and encrypted blockchain network, the applicable economy will obviously be more complete, and the economic effect will surpass the current industry and reach a new height.