New asset class: NFT fusion assets created by META X CITY take off

New asset class: NFT fusion assets created by META X CITY take off

Fusion NFTs more profound than other alternative asset classes is the timing. The world is still gripped by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. A fourth wave of COVID is spreading around the world, bringing with it more economic disruption. Energy prices are spiraling and clogged up shipping is leading to an acute shortage of goods, all while companies report increasing rates of resignation and nobody to fill the subsequent vacancies. Interest rates are still at rock bottom despite galloping inflation.

This dynamic repeats itself over and over again, from basketball card collecting to horses betting. The latest alternative asset class to emerge is non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the wider GameFi ecosystem, However, it have to be changed, because new NFTs preparations are about to show out. In the past, many NFTs were single and independent. X NFT will have a new form of fusion NFT.

For example: We combine the NFT of game A with the NFT of game B to generate the NFT of game C, This will be a very interesting progress.

Review of 2021: A lot has happened in the crypto space. Highlights of the year include El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as an official means of payment, record-breaking new all-time highs in many cryptocurrencies, and China banning all Bitcoin miners from the country. There’s a lot going on in a crypto review these days!

Even though the mass adoption of the decentralized metaverse will probably take years, I think we will see great progress in 2022, Especially when fusion Nfts comes out.

As Robert Kiyosaki just said that we are already in a “technological depression”

He and their friends have now entered the field of NFT since they entered BTC, and we have seen the trend.

What’s the gamefi?

GameFi, namely Game Finance (adding financial elements to the game), or a more core mode called Play to Earn, is essentially a money game. GameFi is actually PoW+DeFi. By spending time and energy to obtain revenue through games, there is no original capital. DeFi is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and requires the original capital cost to obtain revenue through mining. The DeFi component of GameFi is mainly reflected in: NFT game assets are decentralized and can participate in providing liquidity and some pledge mining.

But something curious is also going on. While there are numerous blockchain and crypto game developers, very few of them actually have a game.

META X CITY not only has a game out but has also made it available across platforms. Available on both web (blockchain) , mobile platforms and across chain, X Card is the first game that bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Moreover, X Card 1.0 and X Card 2.0 cover both player vs. player (PvP) and play to earn (PvE) modes as well as mobile and PC ends while remaining coherent with all in-game assets being transferrable.

META X CITY is a distributed hybrid virtual platform focusing on the GameFi chain game section. It is committed to combining the ecological applications of the NFT+DEFI section. It constructs a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization and aggregates various global brand IP. Create (DAO) decentralized autonomous management, a comprehensive commercialization agreement that is perpendicular to the chain game market, and shape an open, transparent, decentralized and complete ecological value project. We set up a telegram club. Just search for “meta x city” on telegram and you can find us.

As with any alternative asset class, it makes the most sense to own the infrastructure that supports it, as well as the assets – for example, commodity exchanges as well as the derivatives they host. Meta x city platform and its native token, fusion with the NFTs on its games, are the same: three different but complementary aspects of the whole ecosystem. Taken together they form the basis of a whole new asset class that’s bound to take off – again and always – first come, first served. <CEO:Shelton say>