Coin Origin announces strategic partnership with Compute Coin Network

According to official news, Coin Origin and Compute Coin Network have established a deep strategic partnership. The main network of Compute Coin Network was launched in June. After the launch, the Coin Origin public chain will develop its related applications in the NFT ecosystem, and carry out LP cooperation on Coin originSwap. At that time, the CTN+CCN LP mining model will be opened, and the two parties will mutually empower each other. With the implementation of blockchain technology, the storage terminal of Compute Coin Network will open ports for Coin origin, and Coin origin will provide technical support for the ecology of Compute Coin Network in the DeFi sector, jointly build the ecology, and jointly create a self-made DAO. It is believed that under the promotion of the powerful alliance of the two giants, we will see a subversive breakthrough in the NFT exchange, which is worth looking forward to!