$HWT Performs Admirably with a 710% Spike in the Season of Love

“Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars”, an instant classic song from the 60s by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra. Does it automatically send a tune ringing in your heart?


Well, it is only logical this Valentine’s Day to save the best to be treasured for for your loved ones, family and friends. From love letters, chocolate boxes, truffles, bouquet of flowers, candlelight dinners and more, leave a lasting memory that will last forever in the hearts of your loved one or partner. It is only right as we celebrate the season of love with real hope and purpose for the year ahead.


Now as we shift our attentions to $HWT (HyperWallet Token), it’s a pleasure to proclaim great vibes in the happy camp of $HWT and its fundamentalist ecosystem. Why we do say that? Well, $HWT has risen from 0.053 to 0.071 in just 24 hours. Nonetheless, it is a very impressive feat especially in the midst of the crypto winter, and a rather unpleasant outlook from most traders and hodlers in trade, cryptocurrency and blockchain.


$HWT has defeated all odds and made over 710% appreciation since its first listing in late November last year! More excitingly, this upward trend is expected to carry on in conjunction with the Enchanted Valentine’s campaign.


A quick summary of the Enchanted Valentine’s Campaign:-


Round 1  Affection Welfare will be available for 24-HOURS ONLY on 14 February 2023, from (0000 EST | 1300 SGT) onwards, and it will be priced at 12,000 HWT with 3.5x rewards and 1 booster slot.


Round 2 – Intimacy Welfare (6,000 HWT) and Passion Welfare (10,000 HWT) will be listed for subscription respectively from 15 February 2023 (0000 EST | 1300 SGT), ceasing sales on 23 February 2023 (2359 EST | 24 February 1259 SGT).  Both packages will be giving x3.5 rewards and allocating 1 booster slot to all citizens.


All users will have the opportunity reap the rewards found in Love Potion and Love Potion MAX boosters! Let’s set the mood right this Valentine’s season! Dim the lights and have a great night of celebration! It is really an attractive proposition for anyone to send it as a gift to your loved ones, partners on this very special lovey-dovey season of love.


HyperWallet Token ($HWT) has a fantastic future ahead! $HWT is a valuable token to be held as a trump card for a very, very long time as we witness the emergence of a digital payment system, swap wallet (for cryptocurrency exchange) and even a specialized loan financing facility. Soon, more features will be made public. There are rumblings that $HWT will be fully incorporated into the HyperNation’s metaverse as well. The process of human evolution has started right before our very eyes, and we sincerely hope that you will be to be the first to reap the greatest rewards as the rocket ship departs to its impending final destination!


Dear Citizens of The HyperNation, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hope you have an amazing time of celebration with your loved ones, also do subscribe to any of the special Valentine-themed welfares while stock lasts! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all lovebirds around the world to muster the courage and confess your feelings as well!


Need we say more? Hop on and join the Caravan of Love now!


P/S: Sky is the limit for $HWT!

Stay tuned! The absolute best is yet to come!