The First NFT issued by the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” Designer , Achieved Final Transaction Price of USD$174,458 ,Drives New Trends of Sports NFT

Designer of the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” created NFT (Wizard Shop in ESSENCE), Had an Auction on Poly International Auction with the Final Transaction Price of RMB 1,127,000(USD$174,458) at Sep 26.

The Surrealistic NFT Work of the Magic World under the “Essence” Series, released by Designer of the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” Big Joe, has successfully completed the NFT debut at Poly Auction and achieved great success, drives new trend of sports NFT.  It is worth mentioning that the NFT work titled Wizard Shop in ESSENCE displayed at the Poly auction house bears the electronic signature of Dwyane Wade, the senior American NBA celebrity. Wade’s signature not only drives up the final transaction price to RMB 1,127,000(USD$174,458), but also further elevates the collection value of this encryption artwork.


On Sep 28, Legendary NBA star Shaquille O’Neal changed his Twitter profile picture to Creature World NFT,becomes one more NBA player who steps into NFT market.


Those two post from  Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal drive attention from the traditional sports fans and blockchain and crypto industry.  Previously, some of the analysts in blockchain area indicated that  NFT and the sports would be the perfect pair, Sports NFT could be used for digital collectibles, fan tokens and engagement, ticketing and virtual real estate etc. And now,  the post from Dwyane Wade and the success auction of “Wizard Shop in ESSENCE”, bring a new combination of sports and NFT, which would be sports art NFT.

The market value of the digital collectible depends upon the willingness of the next owner to pay for it.  When digital collectibles are secured with NFTs, the risks associated with copying will be tremendously lowered. Wizard Shop in ESSENCE is a new attempt by Designer Big Joe, and the first NFT sneaker artwork of LI-NING. In the future, by virtue of the value extension in broader dimensions and richer forms, the phenomenal fashion art icons represented by ESSENCE series will enable LI-NING to explore more possibilities of sports trends along with the art. Which opens a new gate for NFT and sports industry. When the NFT artwork shines in the art auction market, it actually has become a driving force to change the art market and the sports NFT market  to some extent.

About Wizard Shop in ESSENCE – the “Magic World of Surrealism”

In 2021, inspired by ESSENCE series, Big Joe designed ESSENCE Shoes—the new gear for the wizard world—combining the hot NFT encryption art form and integrating the concept of consciousness digitization.

The work bears both the “upper ribbon” structure that incorporates the elements of vines and crystal balls, and the artistic shape of lighted magic candles. All elements in this fantastic design reveal the huge magic world of future trends in the designer’s imagination. “Here, you can easily get inexhaustible artistic ideas for all your gear needs, and you can even connect to the future via the animal face totem on the side of the shoe. The transformable widget on the shoe body, when unfolded, becomes a shop reception hall with door boy for high-order wizards only…”. This is the Wizard Shop in ESSENCE created by Big Joe, which is also the future wizard world of surrealism imagined by Big Joe. This world, a seemingly virtual space independent of the real world, reflects and affects the real world with its powerful recognition of digital consciousness and art form based on multiple dimensions.