On October 31, 2022, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government officially released the “Policy Declaration on the Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong” during the Hong Kong Fintech Week, clarifying the government’s policy position and guidelines for developing a vibrant virtual asset industry and ecosystem in Hong Kong. Prior to this, the government had expressed its ambition to become a global virtual asset center



In response to the government’s declaration, DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED , with the support of blockchain technology, utilizes contemporary advanced technologies such as big data, IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to transform tangible assets, cultural assets, and various intangible assets into digital assets. By combining new blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, and privacy protection, the company aims to construct the digital industry ecosystem of HKDCE. With the use of Web 3.0’s generic database, cross-browser and super-browser content delivery and request mechanisms, artificial intelligence technology, semantic web, and geographical mapping networks, digital technology is organically integrated with the physical industry, promoting the digital transformation and upgrade of the real economy.



The latest project announced by DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED is Gold Source Agricultural Ecological Development Limited (registered in Hong Kong on September 19, 2017, with company registration number 2581651), which has entrusted DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED to provide blockchain-based technical solutions and authorized the issuance of digital asset tokens GMC by Singapore’s Gold Mountain Center Foundation, anchored by the company’s physical assets, with an initial issuance of 1 billion US dollars.



The main industries are as follows:


  1. Development of state-owned reserve forest construction projects, covering an area of approximately 3 million mu, with an investment of about 30 billion in RMB.
  2. Development of carbon credit business.
  3. Development of understory economy business.
  4. “International Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley” project, which has been approved and filed by the Development and Reform Bureau of Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, with the filing certificate number “Shen Bao’an Development and Reform File (2022)0345”.

Risk warning and disclosure:


DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED is a provider of blockchain solutions, offering comprehensive digital industry upgrade solutions and technical services to physical economy enterprises and markets. GMC is an ecological economic system based on the principles of ecological economics and international economic laws, organized by us, with efficient economic processes and harmonious ecological functions, forming a digital, networked industrial ecological economic system, and creating a digital industry symbiotic network protocol ecosystem. We do not guarantee or endorse the accuracy or completeness of investments in digital currency based on this protocol ecosystem, and explicitly state that we are not liable for any losses incurred or relied upon in whole or in part on the content of this announcement.



August 28, 2023