KHC ATTACK:technology is the primary productive force

In 2009, some digital assets such as bitcoins and their successors  ethereum、Ripple, jumped a thousand fold in just a few years, attracting investors from all over the world. Investing in digital assets has been increasingly accepted by people around the world,and it has become a new way of value investment , which contains the lure of sudden wealth. What‘s more ,the huge future value and development prospects of the blockchain.

However, the development of blockchain industry has just been through 10 years. The industry is still in the early stage, so there is no uniform standards and a reasonable regulatory system, thus resulting in current situation of mixed. In the blockchain industry, to make a profit, investors not only need to find the real value in thousands of blockchain projects, but also need to guard against the evil of digital trading platform and other external uncontrollable factors.


In this context, the KHC public chain was born.


Koho Chain, or KHC for short, is a new generation of high-performance private financial public Chain based on side-Chain technology.


It is dedicated to solving the natural shortage of traditional centralized finance, breaking the bottleneck of DeFi’s ecological performance. In addition, they focus on user’s privacy, reducing user costs as much as possible, and they are creating a truly fair, transparent, everyone share, privacy and Security inclusive financial system. Koho Chain represents the industry’s most advanced blockchain technology, and they use an all-open-source, no-licensing mechanism, giving to all institutions who are eager to promote inclusive financial.

Koho Chain the financial sector, powered by cutting-edge technology, will serve as the beginning of a large-scale commercial decentralization of finance, it will enable inclusive financial advance around the world and serve all humanity. The Koho Chain Foundation brings together the best elites in the global blockchain. Over the years, its innovative ideas and grand vision have taken root among more than a million fans around the world.


2021, Koho Chain will fully launch the brand upgrade strategic plan. The Koho Chain ecosystem and other public chain through the KoHoBridge-cross-link bridge technology build a cross-link bridge, which allows users to freely exchange atoms of cross-linked assets between block chain systems of EVM ecology. At Koho Chain, there are hundreds of times as many simultaneous users per second, and Koho Bridge’s bridging breaks technology limitation to support all financial activity. Users can enjoy financial services that are 100 times faster than ethereum with few handling fees.


Besides, the launch of the decentralized trading platform-Kex, in this year, Koho Chain ecology will also start super-node campaign, the mobile mining platform, license issuance platform, Staking Economy, decentralized lending platform. The development of private currency mixed protocol will also begin in succession.


There is no doubt that Koho Chain will become the first high-performance privacy public Chain that perfectly supports large-scale commerce, creating a true inclusive financial ecosystem and a promising future for the digital economy.