The Vision of Ethanim: Building New Public Chain for the Metaverse

As the advanced version of the digital era, many metaverse applications using multiple digital technologies are approaching us. Blockchain technology makes digital identity unique and digital asset confirmation also becomes possible. It builds a trustworthy economic form and also accelerates the development of metaverse. In the past six months or so, the metaverse conceptual application represented by crypto games has been noticed. Traditional game developers have introduced digital assets and NFT based on blockchain technology into the game precisely to form a new metaverse conceptual game with unified value and playability, and many traditional game players have gained a brand new experience and more considerable income in the metaverse gameworld.


What many players do not realize is that these metaverse applications are not fully decentralized and their assets and NFT equipment are actually at great risk. This is because these metaverse applications only issue token or NFT assets to the blockchain, while the application part is deployed on a centralized server, which in turn can completely manipulate the distribution of assets on the chain. So these metaverse applications are actually centralized and can be controlled by institutions or a small group of people. Players face the risk of game vendors modifying the rules and shutting down the game at any time, and when these happen, the token and NFT held by players will be instantly worthless.

The Vision of Ethanim: Building New Public Chain for the Metaverse

Traditional blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC and other networks are inefficient and can only support the uploading of digital assets, while the metaverse application itself, which requires a lot of computation, cannot be deployed on the blockchain, and the complete decentralization of the metaverse application cannot be realized on the traditional blockchain.

Supporting the full decentralization of large applications


In order to achieve complete decentralization of metaverse applications, some developers started to look for new solutions, and Ethanim was built to resolve this pain point. Ethanim’s vision is to build a new blockchain platform that supports the full decentralization, high-performance of large applications, allowing developers to quickly develop fully decentralized applications that are comparable to the centralized applications they are familiar with, without additional learning. There is no need to consider the traditional blockchain constraints on decentralized application performance, allowing large decentralized applications to become eternal and achieve mass adoption.

The Vision of Ethanim: Building New Public Chain for the Metaverse

In this way, Ethanim combines the trusted computing technology accumulated for more than 10 years with blockchain, and revolutionizes the traditional blockchain implementation path of “seeking consensus among untrusted nodes” to “making nodes trusted and performing computation by themselves”. This allows large applications to be completely decentralized while maintaining high performance. In this way, Ethanim is the first to achieve complete decentralization of metaverse applications, making it a breakthrough.


Building the portal and infrastructure for metaverse


Ethanim also provides a unified and general protocol for the communication and value flow between the large-scale decentralized applications. It enables interconnections between applications and allows users not only to create freely in the digital world, but also transfer, present and use the digital assets smoothly between different applications. It also allows users to get access to the metaverse through the PC, mobile and VR/AR devices. It can build a prosperous and open metaverse ecosystem with compatibility, which will become the portal and infrastructure of metaverse.

In addition, Ethanim Launch Event will be held in Tokyo, Japan on February 8, 2022. At that time, members of the project team will meet with everyone and more information about the project will be shown, so let’s look forward to it!

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