First game of Metaease — Heroland overview

Metaease has officially launched and its first game—- Heroland is coming and will soon under beta test. Now lets have a overview about this project.

Heroland is an SLG mobile game based on blockchain technology with gameplay as its starting point and foothold. Our design idea is to give full play to the entertainment and educational significance of the game. While bringing game value to users, we use blockchain technology to make the game run in an open and fair environment to ensure game fairness and asset safety among players.

Story Background
First game of Metaease -- Heroland overview
A mysterious black meteor shower fell from the sky, and the world was disturbed by a mysterious dimensional black hole. Mountain bandits and refugees constantly emerged from the black hole to loot the world. With the opening of the dimension wall, heroes from all ages of the world have moved from ancient times, ancient books and ancient legends to this virtual world. They joined the consul to calm the war in the world.
Players play consuls. Legendary world leaders gather under the command of consuls in this huge and real sand table world, and expand their military strength by building cities, recruiting troops and horses, plundering resources and other ways. In that case, they flexibly respond to the opponent’s attack and tactfully counterattack. In this troubled, vertical, horizontal world with disputes and intrigues, Let’s see who can be proud of the continent and complete the final reunification.

Highlights of Heroland
1. Decentralized P2E Game
The most advanced public chain and game production technology are adopted to realize the decentralization of game virtual assets. While reducing the threshold of user participation and improving the playability of the game, it ensures the transparency and privacy of value ownership and transaction.

2.NFT Value Bearing and Empowerment
Heroland uses the inherited solid smart contract standards of ERC721 and ERC1155 to make the generation, right confirmation, pricing, circulation and other links of digital assets of the whole process data in Heroland available; The props owned by players are real assets that no one can deprive, and they are also the manifestation of value and efficacy.

3.Community Co-governance
Metaease itself is a community driven project. Heroland is our first game and also our first platform for the public to recruit community members. Based on the characteristics of SLG game itself, integrate the blockchain downward and the community and player consensus upward, thus active players will become members of the community.

4. 0 Cost Participation
Players only need to download an app and register to participate in the game. They can create their own kingdom in the game from scratch. We creatively built the encrypted wallet function into the game engine. Players who have no knowledge of the blockchain can create their own online address with just one click, and the private key can be stored offline to ensure the security of users’ assets.

5. Play To Earn
Blockchain takes the discovery and supply of game value from game developers, which are jointly created by developers and players, changes value from transmission to discovery, and discoverers and developers enjoy the benefits together. Heroland has created a transparent and fair game and trading environment for players, and has an open economic system. Players can not only get entertainment, but also get rich returns!

The traditional projects always talk about what they want to do, but there has been no actual action or a complete ecology. Heroland will construct an ecology that combines the NFT and wallet, which has real scenes and a full ecological cycle.

More information, stay tuned!

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