After Dogeking, The wife — DogeQueen!


Sheng Teng, China’s top comedian, claimed during his act at the recent Chinese New Year Gala Night that he is currently exploring the metaverse and comparing himself to the Doge King and his spouse to the DogeQueen. When the two former classmates learned that this was a new field of investing, they were eager to withdraw all of their funds and become large shareholders in the industry.


Surprisingly, the price of Dogeking has risen more than 2000x in two days as a result of the act, and the next gem in the metaverse, DogeQueen, will start the Pinksale Whitelist Pre-sale on February 2nd, 2022.


DogeQueen, is a completely community driven project, by giving everyone the full right and opportunity in controlling and creating their own wealth. DogeQueen inherits BabyDoge’s hyper-deflation mechanism and each transaction will generate rewards, which will be distributed to all holders addresses. Everyone can earn by simply holding DogeQueen

On February 3rd, PancakeSwap officially launch, with a massive marketing effort, cz twitter followers and retweets, 1000k twitter retweets, with the next 1000x coming shortly.

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